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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Temple Square Early Morning (Stop 2, first with photos's worth posting!)

OK, here comes something fun, so get a good firm hold on your socks!

I decided to undertake a self imposed project/opportunity to go on Photo Safari. I gave myself 24 to 36 hours to take a minimum of 12 good photos (12-24-36 get the progression?) Not just OK, but GOOD photos. Now as you look at this and subsequent posts you will find that there are more than 12 Photos, well, I haven't decided on my top 12 yet. What I have done here is post the best of what I got. I will then spend some time deciding which ones I like best and then get back to you. Or you can vote if you want, I would love that!

So anyway I took a couple of days off of work, and started planning. Best areas for good shots and interesting places I haven't been in a while etc... and I ended up with an itinerary that looked like this:

1) Masonic Temple, Salt Lake City, UT Simply because I have never photographed it, and I thought it would be interesting, having worked next door for a year once upon a time. (Alas I got nothing good there. zip. NADA. Zilch.)

2) Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT Because I will never pass up an opportunity to take pictures there.

3) Streets between my buddy's house (Where I parked my Truck) and the Frontrunner station, basically through the Gateway shopping area in SLC.

4) Ogden Union Station, Ogden, UT Trains, Classic Cars, Guns.... What more could a guy want?

5) Tour of Utah Prologue @ The Utah State Capitol Building, Salt Lake City, UT a chance to meet up with some other Pentax users and play with sports type shooting.

6) Uinta Mountains at night for Star Trails been wanting to forever, didn't happen due to exhaustion and cloud cover.

7) Next day, Tour of Utah 1st stage cuz I wanted to!

Yeah, I was a little overscheduled but I really wanted to immerse myself in photography for a day. I hope you the viewer will like what I got, and maybe even let me know which ones you think are really good. Now, On with the show!!

Here is Temple Square Utah: Sigma 10-20

Small flower with Cosmicar 70-200

Stone Lions on the Hotel Utah, Cosmicar 70-200

Reflecting Pool and the Salt Lake Temple, I used my 30+ year old Pentax 28mm f3.5 Manual Focus lens for this shot. I think the color rendering is just superb with this lens.

This is a wider angle shot taken with my Sigma 17-70


Frieda said...

Just saw the sponsered by the SLTrib (in my DesNews paper)...I am sure you will be able to find some favorites to submit. I love the perspective of the lions' heads...

dlshield said...

You have an amazing eye. The first shot really intrigued me with the framing provided by the foliage. This set is spectacular. Loved the last two..