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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tour of Utah Part 1 (Aug 18, 2009)

At this point in the day I moved up to the Utah State Capitol (which I photographed earlier this year, take a peek at my archive for March) for the Prologue to the Tour of Utah. This shoot was a fitting end to a long and invigorating day of photograpy. I had two major aims coming out of this.... well three really....

1) practice with, and gain experience in, Focus Trapping. (A technique where you use the "Catch In Focus" setting on the camera with a manual focus lens to have the shutter fire only when the camera confirms that the selected focus point actually has something in focus)

2) get a few decent shots of elite level cyclists "Frozen" in the moment.

3) have fun with a couple of fellow Pentaxians while playing with our cameras.

I think I achieved all three aims! ;-) ON with the show!

I tended to reject shots with heads down, but this guy's leg is too beautiful to not include.

This is Intensity.

I really liked both the juxtaposition of riders going both directions, as well as this guys expression.

I can just feel this riders concentration.

Is this guy a brother of the guy above? They look alike, but with different teams.

Full out effort, going flat out...

Man I'm tired.....

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