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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday Wanderings in Salt Lake.....

It is always nice to have a day to play, after having my wife gone for the week to Dallas, it was my time to run away and play while Grandpa took care of the kids after school. Always knew he was a bit crazy! Thanks though young man!

(as always click on the photo for a larger view)

After leaving my beater truck at my friends house, I headed downtown to the Hilton where there was a Photo Expo I wanted to attend. Always on the lookout for a photo I could not pass up this shot. I feel like putting this on the back of my backpack sometimes!

Down the street I noticed an interesting shadow on a less than interesting building. Did I make it interesting for you? I tried to...

I personally liked this one the best, though the first is the best technically I think.

Walking on 200 S. I was enthralled by the shadows, but not too many were particularly photogenic. Though I liked these.

I love these two chaps, the spiky crowns make me laugh. Enjoyed performing in the theater they once guarded. Now only the facade remains.

Stopped at the Photo Expo, Pentax had a booth and as a Pentaxian thought it would be fun to drop by. Here they had the 645D, Medium Format 40MP (on the left) Which I would gladly sell a kidney to own, it is the PERFECT landscape camera, and I am totally in love with the viewfinder, it is the best I have EVER looked through, simply incredible. In the middle is the new but not tested Pentax Q, it is tiny and could be fun, but isn't worth it to me. On the Right is the Pentax K5, if I could afford it I would buy it and never buy another camera until this one died. It is just exactly what I want out of a camera. Except I have to pay for it....

After a nice lunch I headed back to an alley I had visited before, lacking inspiration to get really creative, I just chose to document the progression of the graffiti, and move on, I was getting kind of hot.

The front door to Gallensons provided a chuckle.

I then put my camera to the test, and took this (JPEG as it came out of camera)

And pulled this from the RAW file, much better than I thought it would do, the window is a bit messy, I could clean that up if I cared to clone the old window back in at 50% opacity-ish. But I like this shot.

Deciding I was done sweating, I decided to head out to Butterfield Canyon and up the backside of the worlds largest eyesore, the Kennecott Copper Bingham Canyon Mine. Great view of the worlds largest open pit mine. Impressive but still an eyesore.

Portrait orientation pano.

Landscape orientation pano. Getting better at these things.

Hope you enjoyed sharing my day, let me know if you liked the shots.... or hated them too....

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