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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Dad's Camera: Voigtlander Vito II

Seeing as some of my online photography buddies have been playing with film, I thought it might be fun to go WAY retro and play with a film camera. This guy was manufactured in the '50's, folds and makes you guess the distance, because you do NOT look through the lens. You also have to use a handheld light meter to set your exposure. This is NOT an action shooting camera.

One of the meters I have to use, my brother found it for me.

Uncased and unfolded. I wish somebody made a digital camera that folded like this. APS-C or Full Frame Sensor, 35mm equivalent Field of View. Simple and easy.

The Tri-X I put in, kinda messed myself up with 400 speed, daylight doesn't work so well, I can't set the highest shutter speed so I can't effectively shoot in broad daylight.

Looking forward to shooting with this camera, just need to find the right opportunities to do so.

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