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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My favorite subject.....

I love to take photos of my local temple, I really do. I had the feeling last night that I should go out and try to take some photos of it again, which I haven't since earlier in the spring. So I grabbed camera and took off. At first it looked like a bust, I was in a park a little ways away and it was clouded over and I was just a bit dejected. But I figured I could go up closer and get some drama from the clouds maybe. Well right after I got there there was a few minute burst of light which I was able to catch, which gave me this.

Which I really like. I took this too, don't like it quite as much but it is still kind of a fun shot.


Scott said...

I've been away for a couple weeks, but I'm glad for the chance to get back and try to catch up. I see you're keeping busy on your blog.

Looked back over several of your recent posts and enjoyed them. Congratulations on these. I love that top one with the beautiful color in the clouds.

Lloyd said...

Thanks Scott! I felt lucky to get the first one, the light came and went FAST! Getting it printed on Metallic paper for my Bishops office. Hope it turns out!

Thanks for stopping by!


Frank said...

I really like the color version. The sky is very dramatic and has just enough color to make it really interesting. Well done.

Lloyd said...

Thanks Frank! I was glad I was in the right place at the right time. It was a very brief moment of color!

Appreciate your comments.


Cathy said...


I loved looking at your work and will check up on you often.

Great to see you at the party.
Hope your dad is ok.

Cathy Silcox

Lloyd said...

Thanks Cathy! Appreciate you coming by, enjoy having Jay around more! and Remember: Cathedral Valley at Sunset!!!