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Friday, December 10, 2010

Some First Shots with the 8mm Fisheye

I am very interested and excited to learn this new lens. The perspective is simply out of this world, and it is able to pull in very small and cramped spaces and "Get it in". Corner to corner it gives you 180 degrees. So far I find it's sharpness to be superb and color rendition indoors to be neutral and accurate. It is all I could ask for especially at the price.

So.... I got off early last Friday (The value of being efficient!) and ran away to the State Capitol. A building that I love, but struggle to capture due to the sheer immensity of the building. I have a penchant for domes and lying on the floor to take pictures of them. This one involved lowering my tripod a bit and lying on the floor. I really like the perspective (Distort & Conquer is my motto!) and the colors turned out pretty good. Sometimes indoor HDR's tend to get a little weird color wise but I am getting better at controlling them.

This is a non HDR and non turned funny shot for comparison. Did I mention that I really like the perspective that is afforded by this lens?

There was a bride getting some shots taken so I tried to stay out of their way. Personally I would have been using a little fill flash in this lighting setting, but that is just me....

The House of Representatives Chamber was open, and I took a few shots. I did a 5 shot pano but I am having trouble getting my programs to play nice with them... I think the distortion is getting me in trouble. Will keep working on that! What I had was really quite wide enough though for one shot. Again an HDR.

The Rotunda/Dome again but from up on the balcony. Considered a pano again here, but liked this perspective.

Playing with funky compositions, really needed to extend the tripod a bit and get really close to the light though I think.

Non Fisheye shot of the bride taken with my Pentax 55-300, just because I liked the interplay of the bride with the photographer.

Hope you enjoyed, I will be putting more shots up as I get the chance to use it, after a while the shine will wear off and I will use it when appropriate but not all the time! ;-)


Jeeping Rose said...

Lloyd, These are so awesome! When are you going to teach classes? Colleen and I would love to learn more.

You have such a talent!


Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Beautiful shots, Lloyd! I think you're really doing justice to this very cool, new lens AND to a very lovely building! I can't wait to see what else you'll come up with! Cindy

Scott said...

I've thought often of a fish-eye lens. Maybe some day. These shots certainly make it even more tempting though.