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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ahhh...... New Glass!

I have been lusting after two things lens wise in the recent past: A fisheye lens, and a Macro Lens. (We won't talk about camera bodies right now, the new Pentax K-5 is stellar and completely out of my price range especially with a camera that is perfectly functional.) Well thanks to an extra shift and an understanding wife I now have that fisheye. This is a fairly well regarded lens, and is MUCH cheaper than any other option I have available.

Here are a few shots of the unboxing.

It is a reasonably sized lens considering that it has a 180 degree field of view diagonally from corner to corner.

Here it is next to my Sigma 10-20 EX DC f4-5.6 which is a pretty good size chunk of glass in it's own right. This lens is reasonably enough sized that I would be willing to hike with it. Just imagine the breathtaking shots I can take looking over the edge of a steep cliff!

First shot, bounced my flash off the ceiling. Problem... flash is going to be tricky. I like to bounce off things, but this lens includes too many things IN THE FRAME which will make it just a little more complicated!

HDR from tonight... MAN this thing covers a lot of image.

This is with One pass of correction of 100 in Photoshop, not nearly enough.

This is with a second pass of 100 of correction, still not quite there, though the wings on the sides are near straight, the fountain edge is still pretty curved.

This lens is going to take some learning, but I think it will be about right for my uses and is GREAT for the price!


WhatKarenSees said...

Wait a minute, you got to open and play with your new toy before Christmas! That's not fair! Have fun anyway.

Lloyd said...

But Karen.... I can always put it back in and open it again on Christmas Day! Why not just have a little fun before?