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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morrell Cabin Cathedral Valley Utah

Towards late afternoon as we were heading towards the Upper Cathedral Valley Overlook, as we drove we saw a sign for the "Historic Morrell Cabin", clueless, we decided it was worth a quick look and that we had enought light left to poke around and still get some stuff at the overlook.

We ended up being VERY glad we stopped. It is a very picturesque and beautiful spot with some moments of good light. As you can tell we had broken clouds and some haze/overcast during the course of the day. This made for tough lighting situations, but I think overall we did OK.

Looking South East

This was a quick set up and see if it turns out kind of shot. I think it turned out rather well. It always interests me to notice the differences between what the eye sees and what the camera captures. Sometimes it frustrates me seeing a beautiful scene that simply doesn't translate to digital, and sometimes it amazes me because this didn't look nearly as cool to the naked eye.

This rusty wire and the texture of this wood intrigued me.

I really liked the reflection in the window thing, this is less dramatic, but I think provides an interesting framing to the scene.

This next shot reminds me of the work of an on-line acquaintance of mine, Keitha McCall, she is a fantastic Macro artist, her blog can be found as "A Scenic World" on my links list. I would love to be half as good as she is.
This functioned as a salt/pepper shaker lid, as best I can guess. Really not sure why they nailed it to the wall though.

There was an interesting small display of artifacts inside the cabin, I liked the texture of these shots of rusty nails. The diffuse sunlight coming through the dirty window provided a beautiful color to the interior, though hardly dazzling in intensity.

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