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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two day adventure day 2

Getting up in the morning was easy with the light that was showing. We drove just a mile down to the main hoodoo area, and stooged around a little. For some reason my littlest was not as fascinated as I would have thought with Goblin Valley, what I get for showing her the Wedge Overlook first.....

We left and headed out for Capitol Reef, did a quick drop in at the visitors center and headed up the Hartnet Road to Cathedral Valley. I always stop to see my old friend here. What a character!

Driving with a 7 year old does make it harder to take off from the road and explore, but as long as a DVD player is available for the more "Boring" parts you can stop and shoot from right next to the car. Love that this area is amenable to that!

After lunching at Cathedral Valley CG, it was time to drive a road I have not fully explored before, the Thousand Lakes Mountain Road to UT 72. Turns out this is a great road in the fall, quakies turning color amid juniper and sagebrush is a neat combination.

It is a pretty great road once you get past the rougher parts in Capitol Reef. They really need to grade that thing!

We also made a point to drive through Huntington Canyon to Fairview to visit my Brother and Sister in Law's store there. Glad I did, the views from up on the top are magnificent!

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