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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 day adventure day 1

Spontaniety is highly underrated. took the opportunity to run away on a semi spontaneous trip with my youngest child, who at 7 years old has been begging to go to see some of the places I go to take pictures and hike. Knowing that the Goblin Valley area is fairly benign and quite beautiful I readily agreed.

We traveled there by way of the Buckhorn Wash and Wedge areas of the San Rafael Swell in central Utah. Well worth the time if you ever get here to visit. The road is in great shape and almost any car can be driven on it, and the scenery is just splendid!

Fromt he Wedge you can see the "Little Grand Canyon" area, which indeed looks kind of like the name suggests....

The Buckhorn Wash proper is a fantastic drive going through towering Navajo sandstone walls and cottonwood tree filled washes. Having the leaves starting to change was an unexpected treat.

There is a pictograph panel that is more than worth your time as well, it is literally right at the side of the road. Barrier style is just fascinating to look at. The littlest photographer of the family had fun looking at them.


Looking back up the road after exiting the draw is a splendid vista that I want to repeat, but driving in from the south end. The anticipation of watching this come at you in the windscreen would be delicious indeed!

Arriving in Goblin Valley just before Dark after hiking Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon (Photographed by me many time before) we quickly set up camp and took a stroll. Watching the moon peek around the colors of the sunset behind us was refreshingly peaceful.

Thanks for wanting to come on this trip little one.


ella caqi said...
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ENicolas said...

Beautiful images! I am using a Pentax K-5 and am collecting a set of those wonderful old Pentax lenses - their quality is excellent. My 200mm f/4 manual is superb, as is my A-series 50mm f/2 and 35-105mm f/3.5 - a joy to work with. Glad to see someone else finds them so.