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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Opportunity Afforded by Carrying a Camera Constantly

I have been intrigued by the Pancake lenses that Pentax makes for a long time. Even before I bought Pentax. DSLR's are bulky by their nature, flange to sensor distance, LCD screen behind the sensor array. They have to be a certain thickness due to the optical demands of their lens mounts. The only way to decrease the bulk is to make the part of the lens that sticks out smaller. Witness the Pentax Limited pancake lenses. Not being able to afford them at all, I have made do with some fun older Manual Focus lenses. My smallest being the K 35mm f3.5, which is really quite small. It is the next to the left hand one in this shot.

Anyway, I have started carrying my K200d and 35mm in my backpack during my commute to work on my bike. Which afforded me this opportunity.

While nothing spectacular, I was glad to have the opportunity to get the shot. No camera no photo.... ya know?

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