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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hill Air Force Base Museum

As part of a family "Staycation" we went to Hill AFB to see the aviation museum. I have been wanting to go back for a long time. Haven't been there in years.

I greatly enjoyed the interior and exterior displays, photographically they were not as amenable to good photos inside as they were outside.

Still, part of photography is being in the moment for me and I did enjoy making some memories of the place.

B-25 Mitchell, with (I think) a T-38 trainer above it.

B-25 from the balcony. It was a larger plane than I thought it was!

B-17 Flying Fortress, with a P-51 Mustang under the wing. This duo had a large part in the victory of the allied forces in WW-II

Love the split tail of the B-25.

Sikorsky Helicopter, BIG one too. Amazing that these things can fly they are so big!

F-86 Sabre (I think) with a replica of the signpost from M*A*S*H, all part of the Korean War legacy. I found myself constantly surprised at the diminutive size of the early fighter jets.

Moving outdoors, we exited to some interesting clouds, which initially made me think I was going to NOT get any good shots due to the flat lighting. I think I did OK.

B1B Lancer

B-29 Superfortress

B-52 Stratofortress

All in all an enjoyable outing!


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