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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing with more Bokeh...

I did an impromptu Temple Square visit with my family on Monday, shooting a little bit with the DA 35mm f2.4 I have borrowed but found the field of view a bit limiting, but shooting mostly with my 30 year old Manual Focus 24mm f2.8. This year I have become ... enamored? of shooting wide open (meaning that I don't use the aperture to limit the amount of light coming in.) because of the effects on the out of focus highlights, also known as bokeh. This allows me to make some cool looking pictures as well as not use a tripod all the time.


This one was deliberately unfocused throughout the frame just to see what it would look like.

I was VERY pleased that this turned out as well as it did, it is not super sharp but is sharp enough for ISO 200 and 1/20s shutter speed. The color of this lens even wide open is really quite good, with decent contrast.

I really love the Tabernacle as well, I have sung there several times in my youth and it is just a special building.


dawnalee said...

The tabernacle shot is so warm and rich. Love it.

And totally in like-like with the single bulb + bokeh shots. Way cool. :o)

Captcha laughter - fouperms
Must be fake perms...all the curling without the chemicals so they wash out. heheh

WhatKarenSees said...

Great bokeh, beautiful Christmas images!