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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Thoughts on the DA-L 35mm f2.4

Having shot just a little more with this lens I am still not even close to making judgments regarding how good it really is, this I can say, it is a really good lens. Had I not bought my beloved 30+ year old SMC (K) 35mm f3.5 Manual Focus lens, I would be hankering for this to be my first autofocus prime. Seeing as the K is pretty decent I am more than willing to wait until one day buying the DA 35mm f2.8 Limited Macro (a 1:1) macro though you have to get REALLY close to get that.

Anyway here are some photos to give y'all an idea of the size of these lenses.
(L to R: DA-L 35mm f2.4, FA 35mm f2.0, K 35mm f3.5)

Front View same order

And a few outdoor shots just for grins, all with the DA-L, it is not the closest focusing lens around but it does OK, and it is REALLY quick to focus, The only problem is that is focuses slightly behind the focus point (BackFocusing) which is a problem at f2.4.

I simply couldn't get the AF to focus on the front of the weed patch on the front R, it blurs the front of it just a bit, could be the older AF on my K200d....

This was shot on tripod at near closest focus distance, and Post Processed a bit, just trying to create a more dreamy shot rather then totally hard edged reality. Kinda like it though.

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