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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Night Lights in the Rain.

For the first time in my memory the city I grew up in has decorated some trees in the city park. And as usual I have been dying to take pictures of the lights. I have not had an opportunity to go to Temple Square in Salt Lake City yet so this is as close as I have been to anything fun in the snow.

It was actually raining, it had snowed for most of the day then warmed up and changed over to rain, light but enough to make it more difficult to keep things dry than I would have liked.

The light was hard to balance for color, needed to use a Tungsten WB in the RAW converter to get it looking even decent, otherwise it was a orangey/yellow.

The bridge is new and the stream used to be buried, amazing was has happened since I was a kid.

I thought to use my 8mm Fisheye, but it didn't give me the crazy distortion I was looking for, plus that huge front element collected a lot of moisture, I had to spend a fair amount of time cloning out water drops from the image.

These trees on the East side of the park were also well done, but less photogenic with powerlines and cars in the background.

A couple of parting shots on the way out, enjoyed getting wet and cold.

Whoa! I think the tree exploded! Well... actually I just zoomed during the exposure. Kinda like it though!


Roy said...

Nice work Lloyd. I wish you were still here in Oregon so that we could pick each others Pentax souls. You have a very nice creative eye. Merry Christmas to your family.

bluekat said...

Very nice. The zoom effect on the last is very cool. I really like how well defined the tree trunks are in the 4th. I hate being cold so I haven't yet ventured out for Christmas lights. If I put it off much longer, I'll be too late!

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Magical shot, lloyd! You did really well with the light balance, too--it is SO hard to get the white balance right in shots like these. I love how the tree almost looks as if it is afire. Merry Christmas!

WhatKarenSees said...

Great sparkly images. The last in the series really does look like an explosion! Hope you and your family have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with more great photography to share with us!!!

Lloyd said...

Thanks for the comments y'all!

Roy: I will have to hook up with you the next time we travel back to Oregon.

BlueKat: Thanks! Do keep in mind that Temple Square keeps the lights on until New Years, and the crowds are often better after Christmas.

Cindy: The WB was a bugger! I had to choose to leave a little yellow in otherwise it just looked too cool. I would love to have a clear night where I can try to get the mountains in a shot.

Karen: Thanks for the compliment, and I am sure we will be having a great Christmas, I am not working that day! I look forward to seeing more of your photos as well!