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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thursday Night at the Beach Gearhart, OR (07/09/2009)

This was (I think) the best sunset night we had, I had been getting the kids ready for bed and didn't think sunset was as close as it was, I finished and glanced out to see that the sun was nearly to the horizon. So I grabbed my trusty Sigma 17-70 and my Cosmicar 70-200 and ran, sprinted really, down to the beach. I'm really glad we were close by. I managed to get down onto the dunes before the sun slipped below the horizon, and even better without falling and putting my camera into the sand. Which would have been lens first with my luck!

I have been wanting to find a bench to get a good picture of for a thread the appears every so often on DPReview. It is called a "Lonely Bench" Thread. There are several of these benches in the area of Gearhart.

Going under!

Last gasp here!

Textures and Light

Headland to the south with Cosmicar likely at 200mm.

Party on the beach. (Also with Cosmicar)

Remains of the day.

Lonely walker.

Don't forget to turn around.


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