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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Flowers

I had a wonderful chance to relax and take a few shots at my Brother and Sister-In-Law's neighbors flower garden on Sunday. It was overcast and headed towards rain, but not while I was outside. This always seems to give me the best chance to get nice vivid colors without harsh shadows from sunlight (Which = more keepers, something I really like!). I enjoyed it greatly and got a few pretty good shots. I really think that one day I will need to get a dedicated Macro lens. (Sigma 105 f2.8 or Pentax D-FA 100 f2.8 are currently my two favorites.)

I LOVE the colors of this flower.

Not sure what this is but it is kinda cool looking!

I'm iffy about including this one but there is just a delicate luminance to it that I really like.

The color combo on this one works for me.

This one too!

I really wish I would have put the camera on a tripod for this one for increased depth of field without blurriness from too slow of a shutter speed. Do still like what I got though!

I thought the Table and chairs in the garden were a nice touch.

This has a nice abstract shape to it.


Frieda said...

Don't call it it great bokeh!!

Heather said...

OH! MY GOSH!!!! i am in LOVE with these flowers! i have never seen such beautiful flowers! I LOVE photography! i wish i were NEARLY as good as you! OOOH my goodness! this is just AMAZING!!! i am IN AWE!