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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Food Interlude

Though pretty much everything on my blog is geared towards photography I wanted to include this little side trip we took to the Stepping Stone Cafe in NW Portland. At times my wife and I have been watchers of a TV show called Man vs. Food, where the host takes on some eating challenges and reviews interesting places to eat. We saw this place included in the show one night and decided to include it in our ininerary for our trip.

This particular restauraunt serves an interesting meal, a 3 pancake stack called "Mancakes" which you will see is quite...... LARGE!!! I had hopes of eating 2 of the 3 and not being totally ashamed of my unamerican inability to gobble superlarge amounts of food. Alas I could only eat one. Again these things are huge. Anyway, had a nice visit and a little fun.


Where is the plate?? Notice the French Toast next to the pancake stack for comparison.

The wall of Shame

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