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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Haven't Downloaded Pics Recently, but have good news!!

Over the weekend my (Awesome) Father-In-Law mentioned that he has some old Pentax Lenses he isn't using and wondered if they would be used and find a home with me. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity and I now have 4 lenses in the mail:

The lenses are Asahi Optical Co:
· 28 mm f 1:3.5 SMC Pentax
· 50 mm f 1:1.4 SMC Pentax
· 135 mm f 1:2.5 SMC Pentax
· 85-210 mm f 1:4.5 SMC Takumar

I haven't been able to find tests of them, but I have heard that the 28MM, while slow is one of the best wide angles Pentax made. I CANNOT wait for them to get here!


1 comment:

dawnalee said...

Fabulous! I thought Dad had found new homes for all his lenses years ago. How cool! Looking forward to seeing the results of your using your new babies.