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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Bridge Far, Far Away....

It is always fun to take a quick vacation, the problem is, if it is too quick, it becomes less a vacation and more work. To avoid that feeling, one must recreate. For me that means: Photography! My father-in-law wanted me to photograph this bridge near his home. I had lived in the area previously but never knew this was there. Sad.

First: Panorama time. Tougher than it looks, this stitch was mysteriously messing up my computer. Had to take shot or two out on the end. It provides a pretty good overall view of the setting. Supposedly this is the longest wooden trestle bridge still in daily use.

The amount of wood in this thing is unbelievable, and the complexity of the crossmembers awe inspiring.

I wonder how much of it has been replaced over the years to keep it in shape.

Not a visit to Oregon without blackberries in a photo. These things are everywhere.

Looking back as we leave. Pretty area!

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