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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Take a hike!!!

I like to hike, I love the mountains, I love everything about it. Except sweating, I really don't like to sweat...

Took a hike with my brother and carried my usual one lens/camera kit my SMC 24mm f2.8 & Pentax K200D body. Generally harmonious as a combination and small, perfect for hiking. Think I need to start carrying a macro lens too.

Water drops on leaves are a favorite of mine. Here is where the macro would have come in handy...

The sun peeking through the trees was breathtaking, and I spent quite a bit of time playing. Stopping down to f11 gives me a nice starburst effect without the overdone effect that lenses with a LOT of blades give. 5 blades works for me.

I may have processed this too warm in tone for what was there, but I like it!!!

Maybe I overdid the starburst a little but a new toy is a new toy, you need to master it!!!

This is a pile of old mine diggings that is one of many. Amazing what those tough dudes did in the middle of nowhere in the late 1700's!

Beautiful area to hike in, have really grown to love the Smith&Moorehouse area.

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