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Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Temple Photos... I NEVER get tired of this place!

These shots are from two different shoots, the first five are from a morning earlier this week when the clouds were simply too awesome to miss despite the pain and akwardness from my recent shoulder separation. The last shots were from a "Look at the light!!! Grab the camera and go!" moment. No tripod so I had to boost the ISO a bit and they are not quite up to my usual snuff for large prints, but still nice images.

A few notes on these shots. The first one is a HDR (5 shot bracketm 0.7 EV steps if I remember correctly) I was having a little trouble holding detail on the temple and the sky, the building was washing out a smidge so I coverted the RAW files to 16 bit TIFF and combined them in Photomatix on the default settings, straightening and perspective correction in Photoshop with a few other tweaks and... I LIKE it!

I had to work this just a little, I could not get an image where both Moroni and the Moon were in focus, there is a bit of a distance difference ;-) so I shot two shots, and combined them to have a sharp statue and moon. Looking at it I may need to go back and pull back the highlights on Moroni, but I am not entirely sure...

This was taken just a little closer to the temple than the first one, but demonstrates the difficulty holding detail on the temple in the light I had. I like it, I just wish I had shot a bracketed series.

Both this shot and the next were taken using my ND filter, 45-60 second exposures ish... too lazy to look it up on a Sunday morning. Both at 10mm I like what it did to the clouds, but I had a heckuva time getting the WB on. There is a slight cast to the images that I needed to correct. I don't know that I got it perfect but I like them.

These were my quick grab shots, I really like the subtle colors in the sky.

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