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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall is here!!!!

I love fall for many reasons, I get to wear sweats, without sweating. The air seems different and special, we get more and better clouds, I love drama in the skies. Oh, and I get to bake! You see I hate to bake when paying for the A/C to cool the house and counteract the heat I just paid to produce to bake the goods in question. So summer is not a baking time for me, but fall/winter/spring is!!

These are just a few assorted shots from my days last week.

My view from my back porch, with a telephoto lens I admit, but still, WOW!

My family has a soft sugar cookie that we have been making for years that I love, but I hate the sugar in the frosting, trying to watch my weight as I get more old and decrepit. So I tried sprinkling some cinnamon sugar on the cookies prior to baking them. They were a hit!

Another view slightly south of the first photo and on a different day and further down the street. Big Cottonwood Canyon often traps clouds, which is why the ski resorts there get so much snow!

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