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Sunday, September 23, 2012

HDR with a better camera.....

With my previous camera HDR was an absolute necessity in tough lighting situations like backlit temples. I have less need with my new camera due to the incredible dynamic range of the files. However in this situation I needed to shoot bracketed shots no matter what the camera. One really nice thing about my K5 is that it will shoot 5 bracketed shots rather than 3. I think this gives me a more nuanced result with better color and DR. I think. anyway, the lighting was tough, but the scene had possibilities, difficulties ensued, were overcome, etc... etc...(Thanks Capn. Jack)

This one is the better of the two I think. Wish the light had been directly behind the temple but in a way having the offset light and clouds on the other side kinda works too. 

Off to the northeast this was brewing. I love sunset light on clouds. I have mentioned that right? That I am a total sucker? 

Ahhhh...... Thank you Father In Heaven!

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