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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grab Shots!

I seem to do better shooting when I plan to not plan. Meaning that I try to be prepared for an eventuality a but not plan for a certain specific outcome, simply shooting what presents itself when I have put myself in an advantageous place. May be a character defect but at least I know where my strengths lie.

This is a nothing shot, yet it evokes happy things for me. I love baking and these are the first cookies I learned to make. Chocolate Chip Applesauce cookies. I simply grabbed a shot of them as I was baking, and got something that will forever remind me of something good. What could be better?

Truly AMAZED at the shadow detail I pulled out from these shots. K5 be praised! 

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The Wagner's said...

The one with E... makes her look so grown up!