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Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Camera Time!!!!

Yes.... as I sorta mentioned the other day, I got a new camera, a Pentax K-5. I am just starting to learn the layout of the buttons and how the functions relate to my old camera, which was much simpler, though still a great camera. Just with a lot of mileage and a few dings and dents.

I will post more about the camera once I have really gotten used to it and learned what it can do, but so far I LOVE IT!!!!

Here are a few early shots.

Jordan River Temple, Hand Held, underexposed at 80 ISO to preserve the highlights and then recovered in ACR. The noise of this sensor is so much better than my K200d, and the depth of the files is stunning, I never could have recovered this file on my older camera.

I am also blessed with some wonderful friends in the online photography community who occasionally lend me lenses to play with. These next shots were taken with the DA 15mm f4 Limited. Which is just a FUN lens and incredibly small to boot.

This sunset was simply divine, and I never wanted it to end.

The ducks didn't care, they just wanted food!

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