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Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Beautiful Sunday Evening

Part of why I haven't been blogging as much is that.... well.... we moved. 2 miles away. Not a huge move but one that we are very excited about! 

We kept a good view of Mt. Timpanogos.

And our home is just Fabulous!!!!!

We are closer to the lake, and beautiful scenes like this:

And this: (This is a slightly more accurate color to the sunset, but the one above just makes me happy!

This is my littlest on one of our docks, I had to really work to get some detail on her against that bright sky. Thanks heavens for layers, much easier than in the days of darkrooms.

As a technical accomplishment this is something that I am quite proud of. Multiple HDR exposures, fused in photomatix and stitched in Photoshop Elements. All shot HANDHELD at ISO 100. Hmmm...... me likey!

I have a bunch more shots I have been taking on assignment for a local realtor and the master planned community I live in. Once they cull through and buy what they want I will post a selection of the ones they didn't.

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