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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flower Time!

Alrighty, I know that flower pictures are the first refuge of the beginner photographer, but I still like to play with taking them, it makes living through winter to spring worth it. 

I just try to make mine a little better than the average shot. I don't know that these are any better but considering I was shooting semi macro handheld with a slight breeze but I will take anything that is vaguely sharp!

Peonies are a special favorite of my mothers and she does a fantastic job of growing them. this variety that is pink on the very outside and a creamy white on the inside are a particular favorite of mine.

Iris are another well done flower at my parents home. I have always been fascinated by the shapes and textures of these flowers in their all too brief period of beauty. The little fuzzy bits in the middle of the leaves particularly delight me.

For some reason this type do this, a good one next to a weird one. The color is my favorite though, that darker red/magenta reminds me of Rubies for some reason.

 This is a patented shot for me, I just LOVE the look of these when they open up. I just do. The shapes just do it for me.

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