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Monday, March 7, 2011

Just love the mountains!!!!

I often take for granted how lucky I am to see the magnificent view we have here in the Valley. I try to sometimes stop and really look at the mountains see the details. A week ago Sunday I stepped out in the mid afternoon to see what was happening to the East. Deciding that Black & White would be a good option I tried out a few shots and liked what I got. All taken from within a 100 yards of my front door, with my K200d and DA 55-300 lens.

Lone Peak

Twin Peaks

Mt Timpanogos


Scott said...

Hey, we better love mountains when we live in Northern Utah. Great black and white shots.

Jörgen said...

I love those shots! Nice detail and contrast.

Frank said...

Very compelling shots. The black skies really add to the drama of the images. Well done.