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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Takes The Cake....

Had a large painting project in my home so I haven't been doing much photography, but as I went through my memory card I found this from a family outing to celebrate two of my daughters birthday's. this was taken @ f2.8, 1/10 second exposure at ISO 100 with my old manual focus 24mm f2.8. The White Balance was a little tricky and required some fiddling in the RAW editor, I was very pleased with this shot. I love the concept of food photography, it combines several favorite things of mine. Being constructively occupied, making things that smell and taste good, and eating said goodies. This one I didn't make, Olive Garden did. Still tasted pretty good tho!


Dave said...

Delicious photo!

LaRee Brownell said...

It looks good! Food photography is much more difficult that one would think. You have the wb perfect on this one which can be tricky.