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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sometimes you have to take what you can get...

Some days you can plan things and they work great, other days you try to plan things for photography and you get nothing. This is my usual modus operandi. If I plan it I usually don't get what I planned. Improvisation and being prepared (i.e. carrying a lot of stuff I seldom use but when I leave it home it is the one piece I need!) are what get me by.

Case in point. Thought about taking my camera to work Friday after missing the sunrise cuz I slept in. Figured it was too big of a pain. Well if I had had it I could have gotten a much better shot than this one. With a Full double all the way across..... ggggrrrrrrr!

This this morning I go the lake hoping for a sunrise like there was on Friday, did I get it? Nope, but I did get a few interesting shots. This is the panorama I went to shoot, but was hoping to have more vertical to shoot.

As I left, thinking it was over and a fizzle, it started to heat up, but not in a way that my original spot would help. So I grabbed this on the way back to the truck.

And went to my best local vantage point and snapped off the rest of these. I do like them, but just wish my plans would work some better sometimes!!!


Spencer said...

Double rainbow all the way across the sky!

The photos look amazing, as always.

Jörgen said...

I love the last shot! Wow!

Karen said...

Great rainbow shot. Love the clouds.