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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Assorted and Sundry Shots from A week ago last Saturday.

Went to a family re-union recently. As I gadded about with my camera I took a few shots that I wanted to share.

This little lamb was a curious and energetic fella/gal. She/He stood out from the darker folks she was around. (Sigma 17-70)

Even cuter (but dirtier) close up. (Sigma 17-70)

This guy has some pretty wacky horns, but was tough to get a decent photo of, he liked to hide in the shade. (All with Pentax 55-300)

No matter what I do with the photo he still looks kinda funny. Still love my bro. no matter how funny he looks!

My cousins husband, not the best lighting, but thought is was fun how sharp my new/used Pentax K35mm f3.5 is. With dramatic blur added.

There is an elusive concept called "Bokeh" I am not sure how fantastic this lens is (K35mm f3.5) but it isn't bad either, I figured that the out of focus stuff in the background would look terrible, but it ain't that bad.

I really liked the contrastiness of this shot.

Quintessential kid food shot, Ice Cream with Gummi Bears!!!!

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