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I'm now selling my photos!!!

I now host galleries of my favorite photos @ Feel free to surf over there to see photo's that may have drifted into the darkest reaches of the archives here on Blogspot.

I also have begun selling my photographs when requested, I can handle most sizes and finishes either locally or via my on-line printing service.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok, Here are the larger Versions of the Photo's in the Slide Show

As always clicking on the photo will give you a larger version to view. Please do not use them for anything other than wallpaper for your computer. I finance my Lens Buying Addiction by selling prints, please help me with that by not printing my photo's. I would be more than happy to print you a photo for a very reasonable price. My lab does a great job too!

As a side note, all the photo's in this set were taken with my new Sigma 10-20 DC EX f4-5.6 Ultra Wideangle lens. The last was taken with my Sigma 17-70 DC f2.8-4.5. Both mounted on my Trusty Pentax K200d. All at ISO 100, f11 on a tripod and IIRRC with mirror pre-lock. It was snowing heavily for most of the night which caused some of the reddish cast in the sky, that is light reflecting on the falling snow. I also enjoyed having a weather sealed camera, I simply kept the lens pointed down when not shooting, and occasionally brushed off the lens and camera with a glove. It was cold enough that nothing melted and lens and camera were fine! Thanks PENTAX for making such a durable camera! Also Kudo's to Sigma, that 10-20 is an amazingly sharp lens.


Spencer said...

Really gorgeous shots. Elisse has one now as her computer background. Keep up the amazing work.

Lloyd said...


Thanks! Glad Elisse is enjoying it, next year I think we need to try to carve out the time to do a family photo expedition to Temple Square. Whaddya say to that?