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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Metal Man Redux (And a little Crazy!)

So, I am breaking out of my funk a little bit, and thinking creatively. Kinda like it! I went out to take a few demo pictures for a fellow forum member who had some questions about sharpness in the corners and across the frame in the Sigma 10-20, as I was wandering looking for shots I remembered I wanted to re-visit this guy and make a regular effort to be creative with such an interesting subject. So I stopped and played for a few. The sky was not as dramatic as I had wanted but I think that with some outlandish processing I could get something worthwhile.

This is a fairly straight up shot, minimal processing except to bring up the shadows and up the sharpness and contrast a little bit.
This one is more crazy, same shot but with the levels adjustments pushed to the right, some wide radius and high percentage USM, and some diffuse glow. Hardly looks the same huh?

Liked this one as it was, with similar processing to the first one. I may play with it later tonight and I will post it if I do.

Yeah, this one was pushed to the max.

This one was similar to #2, really liked the metallic feel of the hand.

Same shot, taken to the other dark extreme. Put the Halo there cuz I wanted to, I am tempted to combine the two versions of this and get something really extreme.... hmmmm

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