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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thursday Morning Daisies

Daisies at the lake, simple yet beautiful in their simplicity. This lake by my house has these daisies every year in the spring then sunflowers in the summer. One of the first shots I took after getting my camera last year was of some daisies at this lake. So I came back for more.

The water droplet on this one just caught my eye, fortunately the Sigma 17-70 was able to catch it too, man when that thing gets the focus on, it is sharp. Guess using a tripod for macro work would help I guess.
I really got into the color of the light, the daisies are white but the light was a perfect golden color.
If you click on this one you get a near 100% crop of the water droplet, I really REALLY need to move a 1:1 macro lens up the list.

As you can see the play of light on the drops of water on the flowers was a large part of what I was trying to capture.
Here are some less close up shots that show the area a little better.


Frieda said...

I really like the angle of the first flower...and you caught a great shot of the water droplet~
these macro shots make me feel like I'm in a bug's life!

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

I like the 2nd to last shot best, here, Lloyd--nice work! Cindy