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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Three Amigos

Earlier this week a fellow forum member posted a picture of 3 of the limited primes in the Pentax lens lineup. (The DA 21, DA 40 and DA 70 "Pancake" lenses.)

Inspired by his shot, I tried to do something sorta similar but completely different, I am not sure how well it turned out, but it was fun to play with some different lighting.

After lining up the lenses I set one flash on an optical slave trigger to the left of the camera nearly on the same level. I triggered this with a hand held flash on the right of the camera. The camera was triggered independently with a wired remote release on Bulb setting. This shot required flashing them 3 times due to being stopped down for depth of field reasons. I kinda like it, but I am not sure if the front lens being slightly out of focus is too distracting. sigh.... Taken with my Sigma 17-70.

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