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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Evening at the Lake

Valentines Day was a good one for me in many ways. Least of these ways but most important for this blog was the Photos I took on the way home! This is the same Temple as in a very recent post just further down the street. I have done fairly light processing on most of these except the last, which I will comment on later.

There is a bridge over part of Oquirrh Lake west of the Temple, this is taken right on the east end of that bridge, I was happy to get the angle and light I did. Taken with my 135mm

This was turning around and looking west very shortly after, we get some awesome clouds here in the winter sometimes. I love the drama. 135mm.

Taken just North of the bridge, if you look closely you can see part of the stone spiral/ramp in the bottom left of the picture. 50mm,

This is just South of the bridge, the sky was just awesome and I loved the reflection in the water and the texture in the ice on the edge of the shore. There are geese that winter on the lake and get in and out right where I was shooting from. I tried for a slightly different color balance with each shot in Photoshop, basically what looked good to my eye. Please comment and let me know which you like better. 28mm @ f8

This one was my absolute favorite, and I took the time to convert the RAW file to TIFF, and then Photoshop it. I do believe I get less noise and better detail in the sky and darker areas with that workflow. 28mm @f8.


Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld said...

Really nice shots, Lloyd! I like the vertical orientation lake shot better than the horizontal, but that's just personal preference, obviously, as they're both nice! Cindy

dawnalee said...

Tis exciting to see the results you are getting. Very nice.

I like the vertical lake shot because of the better seen ducky foot prints.