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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last Fireworks

I really enjoyed taking the pictures, I hope you have enjoyed looking at them. I really won't know if the exposure was quite right until I see them on a better monitor, but I hope they look good for ya!


dawnalee said...

Thanks! my own wee virtual fireworks show. :o)

What ISO? Shutter speed? Aperture? Did you use a wide angle? What mm? Do you have a wide angle?

Looks like you had a great vantage point.

Lloyd said...

I would have to check the exif data, but I am pretty sure I set the ISO at 100, aperature of f5.6, (Should have probably had it at f8)and kept the shutter on "Bulb" setting, meaning that the shutter stayed open as long as I held the button down, that way I could control how many fireworks shot off in each frame. I used the 18-55 zoom set at 18mm (Moderate wide angle, equivalent of 27-28mm on a film camera, remember those?) and I also use the 28mm f3.5 manual focus lens I got from Daddy Dave which is equivalent to 42mm on a film camera.

And MOST importantly I had the camera on a tripod, I didn't have a remote release, but I found one online for $5 that I will likely order soon. The remote release makes it easier because your hand is not making the camera shake, even if you mount it on a tripod it will have a little shake from your hand being on it.

dawnalee said...

Thanks for the scoop. I'd be interested in knowing where you got the remote release from. :o)

My hands shake, a lot.