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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Getting Ready to Face the Day....

Sitting in front of my computer at work, waiting for patients to finish breakfast so I can try to see them before they leave. Oatmeal still cooling down, we have a nifty thingy from In-Sink-Erator that puts out 180deg hot water on command, works great for oatmeal, hot cocoa etc... but it does make it kinda hot tho.

Pretty tired, stayed up late to take the kids to watch fireworks, but in a more unusual spot than most people would, or so we thought. There is a road that runs right next to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple (Still being built) that is right on top of the bluff and the view is quite spectacular. We were able to see 6-7 shows, from a long way away, and best of all for my 2 oldest girls we were so far away there were no loud noises. I would have loved to be lying on my back as close to the show as I could get with a superwideangle lens on a tripod. But I took Fireworks pics last week, what can I do that is new? sigh....

Anyway, better go do something productive.

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