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I'm now selling my photos!!!

I now host galleries of my favorite photos @ Feel free to surf over there to see photo's that may have drifted into the darkest reaches of the archives here on Blogspot.

I also have begun selling my photographs when requested, I can handle most sizes and finishes either locally or via my on-line printing service.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Guess it is about time to start one of these things!!!!

Now that I have a digital SLR I have decided I need a place to post my pictures so I can share with others. (Just as long as I don't have to play nice!!!)

So look here in the future for pictures from yours truly as I try to figure out my newfangled camera and take some interesting images at the same time.

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dawnalee said...

Hey! You got it. Congratulations. Snap on!