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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Clouds... They Make Most Every Picture Better!

One complaint I have about summer in Utah, is that we often have days and days of severe clear, with a little haze. Great for getting a tan, but it makes for uninteresting skies. I much prefer texture and drama to the sky. It there are great skies I always want my camera in hand.

Case in point: I can shoot these mountains everyday, tough to take a photo of them I am excited about unless there is texture to the sky, or the moon or something like that. While this is not something Ansel would be proud of I just get happy when I see skies like this!

The thing that made me happiest was I had time to take pictures of the Temple with the clouds. It necessitated an angle I usually don't shoot from much, but I think they turned out ok!

I had to wait for sunlight on the temple though, you can see this first shot, the temple is a bit dull looking, this was due to clouds partially blocking the sun.

My patience was rewarded I really like the look of this better.

I did also do a HDR version with the bracket shots above and below the previous pic. It turned out pretty nice, but I think I lost a little richness in the color of the temple while going through the process. Not sure which I like better!

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