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Monday, June 15, 2015

One Fabulous Walk Home

As I have mentioned, I have a busy life. Sometimes the only way I get to indulge my photography addiction is to try to always have a camera with me. Usually I have a medium wide to telephoto prime. This day I put my Pentax SMC 200mm f2.5 lens on to carry with my K5. While not the sharpest lens ever, it is good for killing bears and lions if any attack you. Which cannot be all bad can it?

The weather was a bit crazy walking home from Light Rail, which is my favorite kind of weather, it makes the sky interesting. See:

The other advantage I find with walking about with a telephoto instead of a wider angle lens is that I start to pick out details of a scene rather than something as part of a larger scene. I guess I "See" differently. Would not have gotten this shot without looking the right way.

It can be restrictive to only have a telephoto, but photostitching can make up for that.

You can still have the ability to place objects in a scene, but you need to frame carefully, and stand a long way away.

Not sure if I like this one or not. Think I do.

Looking up the sky was clear, except for the stupid airplanes.

Sometimes clouds just fascinate me!

Fragmented rainbow.

Bet you haven't read all the way down to here. Leave me a comment if you did.

These last three are panoramas, which I ended up liking quite a bit. The technical challenge is fun, and the results are too.

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