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Monday, April 13, 2015

Of Eggs, Ducks & Geese

So... Easter came and went in Some Dude's house, where the annual staining of the counter, and walk around the lake events occurred. (Actually the granite is fine and the lake was actually perfectly pleasant, usually it rains like crazy on Easter weekend so I was totally fine with it.)

Shooting indoors without direct light I felt that my fastest lens, DA* 55mm f1.4, was the appropriate lens, shooting at f1.4-2.2 mostly I did alright shooting the egg dyeing. I really do love the bokeh and rendering at those large apertures, but the thin Depth of Field is hard to work with, the natural postural sway in your body can totally move your focus point completely off and tripods are a bit of a pain in the kitchen. Got a few shots though.

Out on the lake with my DA 55-300 the Ducks and Geese were happy to pose, I think my hands are getting less steady as I get older, I didn't quite get the results I normally get with that lens, but then again... I'm picky too.

I pushed my K5 to the limits of shadow recovery with this shot, pretty happy with it though!

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