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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Taking Time the Only Way I Know How

There are times when life is so busy that you have to choose between many different "Good" things that it is bad to have so many choices. I am realizing that my Work/Home/Hobby balance needs to be constantly re-evaluated and fine tuned to stay ahead of the quicksand phase. By that I mean the phase where you are behind in everything and you just take a nap instead, ending up just as stuck as you were before you took the nap, just better rested. With the advent of spring this will be tested even more.

So, what did I do? I picked up my camera, because that is as good as a nap to me, and carried it with me a couple days this last week. I mostly took traveling pictures, waiting for the train, walking home from the train etc... but at least I took some pictures and that is good!

I find a happy warm glow when I am watching the sun rise. I warmed this up to match the feeling I get.

My trusty steed. This was an early Saturday morning (yeah I work some Saturdays, People don't leave the hospital and go home just because it is the weekend.) and it was only a single car, which was unusual enough to stick in my mind. Usually we have at least two cars, and four on weekday mornings.

This is a sign I see on a daily basis. It literally is invisible to me now, unless I have my camera in hand. Have to say that my clean socks just taken out of my shoes are definitely cleaner than the seat they are going on so I have a reason to ignore it.

The first three photos were taken with my 100mm Macro lens, it is one of my best. The rest of these photos were taken on another day with my Pentax SMC 28mm f3.5 (or "K" series lens, the first series of bayonet mount lenses they produced.)

I do like the sense of movement in this shot, taken earlier in the morning before sunrise, hand holding was tough though.

Coming home that night I decided to try looking out the back of the train, the 28mm focal length was perhaps a bit long for this type of shot, but I like it.

I have never considered a f3.5 lens as one to use to achieve a limited depth of field. Wide open this does a workman like job though, and the bokeh (i.e. the look, or rendering, of the out of focus areas) is fairly smooth and not busy or nervous. I really should use this lens more.

1/8 of a second exposure is tough to hand hold, but with the help of a concrete bench I was able to do it. I was glad to see that the man made streams have been turned back on at the lake. The sound is soothing to me after a long day of hustle and bustle. Even if they are a "Water Feature" rather than a real stream...

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