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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Snowshoeing? Yep. Taking Pictures while snowshoeing? Of Course!!

Have been dying to get out and do something fun. So I took a day off of work and ran away with my brother to play. Even though the snow was not what you would call fresh, it was still nice to get out! This was as far as we dared take his truck.

Most of what we were on was snowmobile track, but due to the warm conditions, without snowshoes we were slipping and sliding and breaking through. So it was good to have them.

Here is the old guy, I can call him that because he is and always will be older than me!

Since this is a photo blog, I wanted to show you the value of a technique I use a lot, HDR. Now this first shot of the trail is an OK shot, just balancing the sky and shadows was hard and the blue in the skies really did not come out like it should have.

This was a handheld HDR shot, that gives a better idea of what the sky looked like without totally wigging out the foreground.

Sadly Some Dude has slightly dodgy hips and the motion of walking with my legs further apart than usual and with the snowshoes weight combined to make me do this a lot. Sit and rest. Sigh.....

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