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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ahhhh..... Walking about!!!!!

 If you have been reading my stuff/looking at my blog for long you will have realized that I LOVE to just walk around and take pictures of whatever I see that interests me. Sometimes I get a lot of... eh, whatever... type of photos, even to me, but often I get a lot of stuff that I like. You may not like them, but I really don't care so much... They help me remember a happy day, one spent with a camera in hand!

I see this building every Monday, always looking for a different take on it. I had decided to use one of my favorite lenses for walk about this day: the Pentax DFA 100mm f2.8 WR. I usually like a more traditional focal length like 24-28-35mm lens for walkabout. But... yeah... I'm different. If you click through the link you will see what those look like of this same building.

Light-Rail stops here in Utah are decorated with art installations, some I like more than others. I liked the juxtaposition of shapes at this stop.

This is all about shapes and shadows of shapes.

Flowers, the Monday after Valentines Day, NOT a usual happening in Utah.

This stopped me in my tracks. It is deliberately abstract and I will leave it like that. Write a comment if you want to know what it is.

There is a joke here if you can find it. And you are familiar with German pet names.

I really liked the patterns of these plants, I struggled with depth of field and shutter speed. I think this would be an excellent subject for focus stacking.

I am always captivated by the light on my beloved mountains at the end of the day. Had to make a panorama to frame it right. Sigh... I love how putting a camera in my hand incites appreciation of the world around me.

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