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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Long Time No Posting....

Yeah, I have been busy, so what? ;-) Life has a way of giving and taking, sometimes it gives me time to go play but not time to blog. Sometimes I have time for neither, or for both. All you can do is the important task in front of you and fill in the cracks with a little fun as you go along.

Like last weekend, I decided to take my camera for a walk. Put my 24mm on and went around the lake by my house. The clouds were cool and it was nice to walk. Who needs more than that?

I have a thing for perspective, disappearing lines etc... This was the shot I intended to take as I left.

This was serendipity! I have shot this sculpture before, but it has been too long!

I REALLY liked this one, it also got some rave reviews on FB.

Sometimes my photography is limited to what I can shoot with whatever I brought while waiting for the train in the morning. This is why I will never do a Photo-A-Day project. It will be lots of sunrises and the badge reader for the light rail.... Pretty sure these were with my 200mm lens.

Ha! Sunset!

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