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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gadding About Town....

It sucks when you realize that you have put on a few pounds and you need to get it off. It sucks even more when time is an issue on a daily basis!

Vowing to add activity I walked down from the U of U to downtown after work Monday. It was a beautiful day, and I greatly enjoyed it, even if it was a bit chilly.

Part of the reason I love to walk that area is to see the historic and beautiful homes in the area. They are tough to shoot because of the hills, elevation change making it a bit harder to not have crazy perspective issues. This home has been a favorite of mine, I love the detail on the exterior and the turrets etc... just don't ever ask me to re-roof it!

Downtown at the City Creek Mall they have some wind sculptures that I have wanted to photograph but seem to never find the right light. I don't know if this was the best light, but I like what I got. The hard part was they were slowly moving and if you missed the right configuration you had to wait awhile to get it again. The crescent moon though small on a wide angle lens (24mm) still adds just a little bit. I really need to hit this on a day when there are some cool clouds!

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