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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Self Portraits and Black Glass

I make it a rule to only follow the rules when I feel like it. Take portraits for example, usually you are supposed to choose a medium focal length lens and give the subject some distance so as not to distort their features. I decided to try one with my 8mm fisheye lens. Lets say it didn't make me any prettier. Which is a tall order by any stretch of the imagination. But I kind of like the perspective. I'm just waiting for a continuing education class to begin and playing on my Kindle Fire. (I do that a lot.)

Now... you may be wondering what I mean by the words "Black Glass" in the title of this post. What I mean is a very dark neutral density filter. It allows for long exposures even during daylight. Allowing for smoothing of water and cloud and people movement during the exposure. I got one a while back and finally got to play with it. Once I learn to use it, I hope it will be a powerful tool.

These next three shots were all taken with my new filter mounted to my Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 lens. My favorite for adding drama to shots. I am learning that I need to set my white balance prior to taking the shot rather than the Auto WB doing it's thing. It simply cannot get enough light to determine what to choose due to how dark the filter is. I also learned I need to cover the viewfinder when shooting to prevent light from coming around the mirror during the shot.

 I think they are interesting but not quite there yet...

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