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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Walk About Town.

Still trying out my newly realigned K24mm f2.8. These shots are from two weeks ago just FYI,

This is NOT a setting to judge distortion by, nothing is square and/or straight. Liked the contrast of color and monotone.

This is another instance where I think that being slightly wider with the DA 21 Limited would be advantageous. Pretty sure it will come my way when I can afford it.

A favorite alley-way, that continually gets... re-modeled/painted. Really appreciated the DR of the K-5 here.

Not sure I want to sit on these chairs but I can appreciate the scenery.

Walked past this several times, just realized that it looks like a zipper!

Again, the DR of the K-5 helps a LOT!

Wide Open at f2.8 I think the bokeh is pretty durn good!

Always wanted a chance to get this statue captured properly. I love the artistry of this sculpture.

A little more overdone but still kind of fun!

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